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    Das Stammhaus des Weingutes August Perll, welches 1606 erbaut wurde, befindet sich noch heute im Besitz und ziert traditionell die Etikettenkollektion. Tradition wird bei uns groß geschrieben, sodass Weine im klassischen Sinne ausgebaut werden. Der Schwerpunkt liegt …

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    Gisella Perl (10 December 1907 – 16 December 1988) was a Romanian Jewish gynecologist deported to Auschwitz concentration camp in 1944, where she helped hundreds of women as inmate gynecologist without the bare necessities to perform her work.

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    Download and install Perl with ActivePerl, precompiled distributions for Perl 5.28 and 5.26. ActivePerl Community Edition is free to use in development.

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    Perl.com and the authors make no representations with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of all work on this website and specifically disclaim all warranties, including without limitation warranties of fitness for a particular purpose. The information published on this website may not be suitable for every situation.

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    Perl is a programming language suitable for writing simple scripts as well as complex applications - see https://www.perl.org. Strawberry Perl is a perl environment for MS Windows containing all you need to run and develop perl applications. It is designed to be as close as possible to perl …

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    Mar 14, 2018· The first line is there to tell the computer where the Perl interpreter is located. Perl is an interpreted language, which means that rather than compiling our programs, we use the Perl interpreter to run them. This first line is usually #!/usr/bin/perl or #!/usr/local/bin/perl, but depends on how Perl was installed on your system.

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    Perl 5.30.0 documentation site The content of this documentation site is built automatically - directly from the documentation created by the Perl developers. To find out what"s new in Perl 5.30.0 take a look at the perldelta page.

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    What is an Operator? Simple answer can be given using the expression 4 + 5 is equal to 9.Here 4 and 5 are called operands and + is called operator. Perl language supports many operator types, but following is a list of important and most frequently used operators −

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    Perll Diagnostics Labs 717-691-1500 The most convenient way to get blood and urine tests As a locally-owned full-service diagnostics lab, we’re committed to providing better service than the chain labs.

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    Perl is very easy to learn, especially if you have a background in computer programming. Perl was designed to be easy for humans to write and understand rather than making it easy for processing by computers. It uses regular expressions. It's natural style of language is different from other programming languages that use specific grammar and ...

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    The #1 Perl solution used by enterprises. Save time and stop worrying about support, security and license compliance. With the top Perl packages precompiled, and a range of commercial support options, ActivePerl lets your team focus on productivity with Perl that “just works”.

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    Raku. Raku (formerly known as Perl 6) is a sister language, part of the Perl family, not intended as a replacement for Perl, but as its own thing - libraries exist to allow you to call Perl code from Raku programs and vice versa.

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    Perl is widely known as "the duct-tape of the Internet". Perl can handle encrypted Web data, including e-commerce transactions. Perl can be embedded into web servers to speed up processing by as much as 2000%. Perl's mod_perl allows the Apache web server to embed a Perl interpreter. Perl's DBI package makes web-database integration easy.

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    Strawberry Perl: A Open Source Perl for Windows that is exactly the same as Perl everywhere else; this includes using modules from CPAN, without the need for binary packages. Help is available from other Windows Perl developers on the #win32 irc channel on irc.perl.org (see website for access through a browser).

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    Perl for loop. The for keyword in Perl can work in two different ways. It can work just as a foreach loop works and it can act as a 3-part C-style for loop. It is called C-style though it is available in many languages. I'll describe how this works although I prefer to write the foreach style loop as described in the section about perl arrays.. The two keywords for and foreach can be used as ...

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    Sep 23, 2018· Perl foreach loops. Sep 23, 2018 by brian d foy A foreach loop runs a block of code for each element of a list. No big whoop, “perl foreach” continues to be one of the most popular on Google searches for the language.

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    In this article of the Perl Tutorial we are going to learn about hashes, one of the powerful parts of Perl. Some times called associative arrays, dictionaries, or maps; hashes are one of the data structures available in Perl. A hash is an un-ordered group of key-value pairs. The keys are unique strings.

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    Welcome to CPAN. The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) currently has 192,346 Perl modules in 41,071 distributions, written by 13,918 authors, mirrored on 254 servers.. The archive has been online since October 1995 and is constantly growing.