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    The Haiwang desanding hydrocyclone operates by introducing produced water through tangential inlets into the widest part of the conical internal cavity to create a vortex inside the liner. As the water passes through the vortex, the suspended solids are forced to the wall of the liner by centrifugal forces.

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    Hydrocyclones are exceptionally simple machines but require process knowledge to be utilized properly. Although there are many configurations, most Hydrocyclones have a cylindrical upper (feed) section, with either a tangential or involute style feed inlet, followed by …

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    LINEAR DESIGN – DESANDING. The MC Series Desanding hydrocyclone geometries have been developed in house, undergoing rigorous testing both in the lab and in the field and are now widely used globally. Desanding Hydrocyclone separation efficiency and capacity is a strong function of hydrocyclone diameter.

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    Thus, the diameter of a hydrocyclone influences the size of solids removed. MOZLEY Desanding Hydrocyclone separators are available with individual hydrocyclone sizes ranging from 0.5 in to 30 in, with 2-in or 3-in ceramic desanding hydrocyclones standard for most applications.

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    Haiwang Hydrocyclones are used in a variety of applications including classification, desliming, fines recovery, densifying and dewatering. Haiwang has collected field data from hundreds of applications, allowing process engineers to make the accurate selection of size and configuration for each application using computer simulations.

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    HiPer desanders and HiPer desander hydrocyclones can be used to remove sand and solids at several stages in the typical oil and gas processing facility, for instance upstream of main production separators or at the entry to produced water treatment system deoiling hydrocyclones.

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    Learn more about KREBS ® Hydrocyclones (Cyclones) ... All of our desanding units may be mounted horizontally, vertically or at an angle in between. The KCSS Series and KD/KS Series DeSanders are available in different sizes with different internal fittings to fully optimise your performance. Using computer simulation, we are able to accurately ...

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    ENERSCOPE Desanders effectively remove solids from liquids using centrifugal-action. The Desanders uses centrifugal-action for liquids and gas. The Desanding Hydrocyclone uses energy from the flow stream to achieve cyclonic separation of solids.

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    Our solid-liquid desanding hydrocyclones in comparison to our deoiling hydrocyclones provide protection from erosion, prevent solids build-up in production systems and provide solids removal for produced water reinjection.

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    SandLiner Desanding Hydrocyclones. VWS has developed the SandLiner desanding hydrocyclone liner to efficiently remove damaging levels of solid particles such as sand, scale and corrosion products present in a produced water stream. These solids, if not removed, can reduce performance and increase the downtime of a produced water treatment ...

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    Hydrocyclones also find application in the separation of liquids of different densities. A different description: A hydrocyclone is a mechanical device designed to reduce or increase the concentration of a dispersed phase, solid, liquid or gas of different density, by means of centripetal forces or centrifugal forces within a vortex.

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    Dec 29, 2017· - Duel Inlet - High Capacity, High Efficiency - Multiphase capabilities (gas, liquid). Multiphase systems (15,000 psi and gas flow) - Fine separations; effluents down to a d98 of 10 μm ...

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    Enhydra’s DS range of desanding hydrocyclones are the latest development in desanding technology. The hydrocyclone is suitable for a range of applications including sand washing packages, wellhead desanding and produced water desanding.

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    Desanding Hydrocyclones Deoiling Hydrocyclones; Desanding Hydrocyclones A desanding hydrocyclone uses the rapid increase in rotational velocity to create centrifugal acceleration of the fluid. This forces the solids towards the outside of the hydrocyclone liner, before they are dropped into the vessel, where they are accumulated.

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    APSL's high performance Uni-Spin & Twin-Spin DESANDING HYDROCYCLONES are specifically designed for wellhead multiphase and single phase produced water applications, whether it be for downstream equipment protection, PWRI or sand cleaning. Please contact us for further information.

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    Deoiling Hydrocyclones Send us an enquiry by downloading the Input Data Sheet, and return to us at [email protected] Hydrocyclone based process systems are the most cost-effective solution for produced water treatment clean up.

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    MOZLEY Desanding Hydrocyclone* solids-water separator efficiently and reliably removes solids from fluid streams. Fully packaged designs are scalable to meet size requirements and can be fully automated to provide efficient, compact, solid-liquid separation capabilities, including solids removal from …

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    The specially designed drilling mud hydrocyclone units are primarily used for removal of sand-size and silt-size particles from returned drilling fluids. Abrasion resistance polyurethane hydrocyclones are applied to the unit. The unit can be stonealone for use or assembled above our shale shaker through pre-designed connectors.

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    Hydrocyclones for classification, separation and coal cleaning. A hydrocyclone, also known simply as a cyclone, is a centrifugal device with no moving parts. It can be used to concentrate slurries, classify solids in liquid suspensions, degrit liquids, and for washing or cleaning solids. A hydrocyclone can perform ultrafine separations and ...