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    M&W Minerals Fine Mineral Specimens presented by Walter Kellogg. Fine Mineral Specimens. Specializing in rare species, thumbnail specimens and minerals from Michigan, California/Nevada, Colorado, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and Dal'negorsk.

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    High-end Collector Mineral Specimens High-end mineral specimens can mean different things to different people, but our definition of a high-end mineral specimen is one that commands a high price because it is of particular aesthetic appeal, or because it is of an especially fine quality or from a classic or particularly noteworthy location.

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    Collecting Minerals directory of clubs, federations, associations and links to the websites of private mineral collectors

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    Use the Mineral Collector company profile in Bryant Pond , ME . Visit DandB.com and find more businesses with the D&B Business Directory.

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    Is the world of mineral collecting and dealing Wild West Economics? If you are buying mineral specimens, being knowledgable and thinking critically when you look at every specimen will make all the difference. The power of suggestive pricing is so seductive… I mean if the price is higher, it just has to be worth more… but often, this is an ...


    directory of mineral collectors grouped by country. Mineral Collectors directory of mineral collectors grouped by country in alphabetical order:


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    MINERAL COLLECTING. SAFETY FIRST AND LAST. The first and last concerns should always be about safety. You need to follow all the safety procedures that you would on a hike in the woods (i.e. informing someone about where you are going and when you will return, taking along adequate water, food, and first aid supplies).

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    (Clark County Gem Collectors merged with Las Vegas Gem Club) New Hampshire. Capital Mineral Club (Concord) Keene Mineral Club: Saco Valley Gem and Mineral Club (Albany) New Jersey. Delaware Valley Earth Science Society (Woodbury) ... Lapidary Journal's Directory of Gem, Mineral…

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    W elcome to Cal Neva Mineral Company's website. On these pages you will find quality mineral specimens for the beginning, intermediate and the advanced mineral collector. Our main focus is to offer to you mineral specimens both new and old as well as …

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    Welcome to the Mineral Collectors Page At the Mineral Collectors Page we maintain an extensive collection of links to mineralogy related sites. New links are added on a weekly basis. Below you find a quick overview of what is available.

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    Our directory of mineral museums and public collections worldwide. The Museum Directory Forum on Minerals & Museums. ... Their mission is to promote, support, protect and expand the collection of mineral specimens and to further the recognition of the scientific, economic and aesthetic value of minerals and collecting mineral specimens.

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    Mineral Classics collector quality mineral specimens and gemstones from world wide localities Mineral Collection minerals, mainly from Spain Minerales de Torres Systematic and aesthetic minerals from Spain and worldwide The Mineral Gallery 'The First Internet Rock Shop' pages also contain a lot of mineralogical data The Mineral Gallery

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    Shopping directory of mineral- and gem dealers, booksellers, suppliers of equipment, auctions, mineral fairs. mineral dealers and rockshops in alphabetical order; gem dealers and precious stones dealers in alphabetical order; equipment suppliers suppliers of equipment for mineralogy, mineral collecting and prospecting, laboratory equipment ...

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    The New Arkenstone Gallery Our new gallery space in Dallas has over 7,000 square feet of mineral displays in our new showroom. Take a Tour

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    Welcome to the Mindat Directory. The directory is currently being redeveloped to provide a trusted marketplace of mineral dealers worldwide. Currently registration for the directory is suspended.

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    Mineral Specimens, Crystal and Gem Dealers, Mineral Shows, Rock Clubs and All About Minerals! The-Vug.com Helps you FIND EVERYTHING ABOUT ROCKS AND MINERALS online! Find out about Fake Minerals, What Rock Shows and Clubs to Visit!

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    Use the Mineral Collectors of Utah company profile in Bountiful , UT . Visit DandB.com and find more businesses with the D&B Business Directory.

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    Trends in Mineral Collecting; All Research Topics; Q&A. View Posted Questions; Ask A Question; Most Popular Questions; Newest Questions; News. News Blog; Twitter News Feed; ... Mineral and Gemstone Directory & Links . Mineral Information; Gemstone Information; Q&A Community; Mineral & Gemstone Research; Mineral Photo Gallery; Gemstone Photo ...

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    Simply enter the mineral OR locality that you want to seach for and all entries concerning the words that you entered will show up in the results. I hope that this helps you! Paul Lortie Collection I am privileged to be able to offer you specimens from the Paul Lortie collection, rich in sulphides, sulphosalts, elements and rare minerals.