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    NRK mesh conveyor located in development zone,Shijiazhuang City,as a professional manufacturer of flat flex wire belt,balanced weave mesh belt,flat wire belting,plate link belt conveyor,high temperature wire mesh belt,cooling and drying food conveyor,metal fabric,nylon sprockets,PU timing belt,modular plastic conveyor belt and polyester sprial belts.

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    Our belt systems are widely used in food production, chemical processing, refrigeration, heat treatment, and much more. In addition to our standard line of belts and conveyor systems, we can also provide customers with custom services to meet their specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about our mesh belts or conveyors.


    As a specialist manufacturer for flat flex wire belt,food conveyor netting.We choose the premium food grade stainless steel wire for weaving the mesh belt to make the conveyor running smooth.

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    Jun 13, 2017· Flat wire mesh design eliminates gaps between pickets to provide better product stability and less vibration as product is conveyed. Combined with its low acquisition cost, flat wire mesh conveyor belts can provide a processor efficient, trouble-free operation for an extended period of time.

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    Metal mesh conveyor belts feature high working temperature, perfect corrosion resistance, high durability as well as numerous configurations. More than 10 types of wire mesh conveyor belts are extensively used in baking, heating, drainage, cooling, sanding and other fields.

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    We carefully choose and recommend the most cost-effective wire mesh and flat wire conveyor belt solutions to satisfy our customers’ specific needs. Take a look at a sampling of our belts and drives - the best in the industry!

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    Flat-Flex ® XT ® Over 2x the life of standard belts. When you require extra strength and support from your belt look no further than Flat-Flex ® XT ®.Flat-Flex XT’s unique smaller spaces increase the amount of belt joints across the width of the belt making the belt stronger.

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    Audubon's Metal Flatwire Conveyor Belts provide an open mesh for easy drainage and flow of air, or liquids through the belt .They can be friction or sprocket driven. Features include flat surface, easily cleanable, endless splicing, positive sprocket drive, easy to replace a section that is damaged or worn down, open for drainage and air circulation.

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    Cambridge Engineered Solutions is the world's largest metal conveyor belt and wire cloth manufacturer! Visit us today to see what we can offer you!

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    Feb 04, 2014· How to splice your Flat-Flex belt using the full strand method. ... Conveyor Oven with Flat Wire on Edge Mesh Belt ... How to setup a Flat-Flex® conveyor belt transfer - Duration: 1:00 ...

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    FOR FLAT WIRE CONVEYOR BELTING Flat wire conveyor belts can be driven by either a sprocket system or a pulley system. SPROCKET DRIVEN CONFIGURATIONS Sprocket driven systems provide a positive drive of the belt that prevents slippage between the belt and the sprockets and results in less power loss. The sprocket teeth also help maintain belt

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    Flat Wire Woven Steel Mesh Dryer Belt Conveyor Strips for Parts Carrying, Cleaning and Drying . General Introduction: Flat wire conveyor belts have two types according to its loading capacity. One is Standard Duty General Purpose flat wire belt, another is Heavy Duty Belt.All flat wire belting offers a smooth conveying surface and a maximum open area for free air flow or water drainage.

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    Flat-Flex belts are available in a variety of mesh sizes and wire diameters. Selection of the correct mesh and wire size is important with respect to the application’s belt speed, length of the conveyor, size, weight and distribution of the load.

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    Round Wire V Reinforced Balanced Weave Conveyor Belts. Stainless V and Round Conveyor Belting comes in a variety of hardnesses and colors depending on the materials and edges treatment. It is a kind of stainless steel wire mesh belt in various structures.

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    Stainless steel flat flex wire belt is mainly used for food conveyor machine and electronic industry,because of the large open area,dehydration capacity and high air permeability are ensured. Material of flat flex wire belt: spring wire,SUS304,SUS316

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    The standard belt is 1/2" x 1" galvanized flat wire mesh with clinched selvage edge. Numerous optional types of belts are available including heavy-duty, stainless steel and balanced spiral. Wire mesh belting is ideal for handling parts that are hot, have to be washed down, dried or cleaned.

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    Whether it is flat wire mesh conveyor belting, sprockets, TruKey ® Shafting or special projects, Keystone is prepared to be a partner for your application. Let Keystone's knowledge and experience help to get the job done correctly the first time.

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    Industrial Conveyors. Slider Belt Conveyors; Flat Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors; Incline Slider & Roller Belt Conveyors; Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors; Reciprocating Vertical Conveyors; Gravity Conveyors; Boxwall Belt Conveyors; Hinged Belt Conveyors; Food Production Conveyors. Fabric Belt Conveyors; Plastic Modular Belt Conveyors; Turntables ...

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    Wire Mesh Conveyor Belts - Your Conveyor Belt Partner. We're glad you're here and we're excited at the opportunity to provide fulfillment for your next wire mesh conveyor belt project. Whether your industry is baking, meat and poultry, snack, agriculture, or light to heavy industrial, our experienced team has seen and serviced it all.

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    Flat Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors are an excellent choice when conveying hot, cold or oily parts and when drying or cooling. Welded construction and a roller bed design provide increased capacity with lower power requirements. Delano is a supplier of quality industrial conveyors and conveyor systems. Our home has been in Chicago’s western suburbs ...