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  • Snowboard inserts back in stock!
    Snowboard inserts back in stock! Snowboard inserts are back in stock and available in 6.5 and 7.5 millimetre height. Check out our shop!
  • Mission accomplished!
    Mission accomplished! It took some time, but we are happy to present our custom designed and build CNC router. This will help us to work way more efficient...
  • Camera insert proto
    Camera insert proto Our latest snowboard prototype was equipped with an additional insert for a camera mount just in front of the conventional insert row. Fitted exactly in front of the binding and resulted in a rock-steady image...
  • New snowboard proto
    New snowboard proto A new snowboard prototype model is born. Made with UHMWPE tip and tail spacers and lots of new trick during the alignment and layup techniques, this allmountain twintip is a real beauty...


Welcome to BMB Custom Made Skis & Boards!

At the moment we are finalizing the re-organizing of our company. Our custom made CNC router is finally finished after a long long time and ready for lots of custom made cores, bases and lot of other nice stuff. 

As you can seen we are also working hard to get new products in our webshop and to get our stock up-to-date. Different types of fibreglass and quiverkiller inserts are already available and snowboard inserts will follow soon! Within the next few weeks also custom made wooden ski and board templates can be ordered and we will have the ability to create die-cutted bases, so stay tuned!

As we receive many workshop requests, the next step will be to investigate the possibilities for this. Please do not hestitate to contact us about this and we will inform you when we are ready to go!


Please check our website regularly or subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

Thanks for your patience.

BMB Crew

New website

Welcome to our brand new website. Due to some technical problems with our old webshop we decided to renew the entire site. We hope you enjoy it. If you encounter any problems while viewing it, please contact us.

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